The PAL (Personal  Assistant for healthy Lifestyle) project proposal for Horizon 2020 was “favourably evaluated”  and started on the 1st of March 2015 (EU grant is 4.5M Euro; ref. H2020-PHC-643783).  This 4 year project involves the research partners TNO (coordinator), DFKI, FCSR, Imperial and Delft University of Technology, next to end-users (the hospitals Gelderse Vallei and Meander Medical Center, and the Diabetics Associations of Netherlands and Italy), and SME’s (Mixel and Produxi).  PAL will use, refine and extend the knowledge-base and support models of ALIZ-E to improve child’s diabetes regimen by assisting the child, health professional and parent. The PAL system will be composed of a social robot (NAO), its (mobile) avatar, and an extendable set of (mobile) health applications (diabetes diary, educational quizzes, sorting games, etc.), which all connect to a common knowledge-base and reasoning mechanism.


Cycle1 Experiments Video

Cycle2 Experiments Video

Cycle3 Experiments Video