The second year of the PAL project is finished. This means the deliverables from year 2 are submitted, but also that we have a whole year of great interactions between the PAL system and the children with diabetes Type 1 who are our end users. Italian and Dutch children participated in an experiment to evaluate the System. They met the Robot in the Hospitals of the Consortium and together with a health care professional set personal goals for their self-management. Afterwards they got a tablet to take home on which the virtual representation of the Robot was present and supported them in filling in their daily activities and playing a quiz game. A video on this first year of the project is here:

We met the children again during camps in Italy and the Netherlands where they used a new game (Break and Sort) for the first time. Usability tests, focus groups and observations during these camps provided use with even more input to improve the System. A video on the Dutch camp is here:

Fun during camp
Fun during camp

Furthermore, healthcare providers from the three participating hospitals are providing us with input for better personal goals and content for the games.

The involvement of end users in all stages has not gone unnoticed and the last year there has been a lot of publicity, national and international. On the website an overview is provided: the latest is an item of Euronews that is broadcasted in 13 languages all over Europe. In the week of the 13th of March, it can be watched 2-4 times a day on TV.

A few days after the 13th of March the item will be available on the Euronews Futuris site ( and Euronews Youtube channel in all 13 languages (

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Children with diabetes enjoy the PAL system (movies)
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