The first year experiments of the PAL project have started!

After agonizing weeks of integration and fine-tuning of protocols Friday the 29th of April the experiments started in the Meander Medical Centre in the Netherlands and on Monday the 2nd of May in Italy, Ospedale San Rafael. May 11 we started at the Gelderse Vallei hospital in the Netherlands.

Eventually around 35 children between the 8 and 10 y.o. will interact with the robot during 2 hospital visits with 4 weeks in between. During the visit they set goals together with their health care professional to take a step in their self-management. At home there won’t be a robot, but we gave to children a tablet for these 4 weeks, on which the virtual character of the robot is present. Children can use the tabet to fill a nutritional and glycaemic diary, and also can play a quiz, with diabetes and general questions. Next to this it can support them in providing daily information, on fun things, in general or related to diabetes.

Mid June we hope to have our first results and be able to get input for the coming years.

Child interacting with NAO robot at hospital
Child interacting with NAO robot at hospital




Children with diabetes play with robot
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