Finally our first blog post. It’s been a while since this page went public, but until now there hasn’t been a lot of activity. This should change in the future, with some regular updates.

The quiet doesn’t mean that we haven’t been busy, we have worked like crazy to have an interesting setup ready for the summer and fall camps with diabetic children in Italy and the Netherlands. We have been talking with professionals about what values they see as important for themselves, the children and their parents, and what requirements are derived from this. A selection of the requirements we acquired during the ALIZ-e project and during the workshops with caregivers and children during the camps will provide the input for the first year experiment. February is approaching rapidly :).

PAL team
PAL team

And of course we have been showing the project during different events, like the open day at TNO, where we had a lot of enthusiastic children walking with the robot and their parents interested in how it all worked. Or during conventions with SME’s where they were encouraged to think out of the box with the things we showed them.

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