Another year has gone by and we’re at the beginning of the last one. Even if it could seem a little bit sad, actually we’re at a very exciting and challenging point. After the activities held in 2017, which gave us a lot of hints and new ideas, the PAL researchers, developers and healthcare professionals worked vigurously in order to release a new version of the PAL System.

prova 3

Yes! It’s new! It will have a new design, new functionalities and new games both in the MyPAL app and with the Robot to play with!
Are you ready to join us? We’re still refining the last details in order to provide to interested families and children a great experience!

Let’s stay tuned on that, and if you’re interested, contact us!!! Or… if you’re hesitant, take a look and enjoy watching the videos and stay up to date by following our channels on Twitter (@pal4uproject), Instagram (@pal4uproject), Facebook (pal4uproject) and of course our webpage.

Here we are…the last PAL adventure