The PAL team met during the General Assembly on the 25th and 26th of September at the Imperial College of London to discuss about the project achievements and future goals.

Day 1: Project overview

Here some key achievements reached so far on the PAL project:

  • Experimentation results now shows that children using PAL 3.0 have a better Quality of Life than children using the usual care;
  • A focus has been set on the cognitive vs emotional explanation of PAL, the behavior style and the PAL inform/control;
  • PAL actions fit specific child’s preferences and needs by using different user models;
  • on Natural Multimodal Interaction many achievements have been implemented;
  • about the infrastructure, modular platform and integration  the overall performance increased.

Day 2: Group activity

All partners started the day with a brain storming session to plan the PAL4U Final Event dedicated to children, parents, healthcare professionals, researchers and journalists.

After that the Team has been divided into smaller groups to work on specific topics to favour concrete decisions.


On the evening of 25th the Team had a Social Dinner to relax and enjoy eah other after a day of hard work!

A special Guest joined the group and the Day 1 meeting: Belder – a Diabetes Assist Dog!


The team also discussed about what is expected to be the outcome at the end of the project, so stay tuned to discover more!

Here some pictures of the event.


PAL GA Meeting 25th-26th September
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