Good news from our last PAL hackathon held @DFKI – Saarbrucken, Germany from July the 4th to the 6th.

All together PAL developers considered to have had a successful meeting!
The goal was to discuss/create/finish the various features which should be in the second phase of the Year 3 experiment.

There were a lot of details to be taken care for, many technical aspects; but we won’t bore you with a long list, just few success we’d like to share:

  • the ChildAI enables us to have a server running multiple sessions of multiple children simultaneously,
  • for the palInform a lot off work was done, both on the “visualization part” and on the “back-end gathering data” part;
  • the performance of the dialog boxes/flow is a lot better now
  • we added a button to start creating a dance!

So let’s see the Victory dance:

The PAL developers HACKATHON – @DFKI, Germany