Hey there! From Jan 24 until Jan 26 we had our PAL hackathon. It is was special one since not only the PAL developers were present but also a number of “experimenters” (the person in charge of running the activities the children, their families and the healthcare professionals), so the round table for the discussion was very complete.

prova 2

The first day we together discussed in more detail the long list of features to be added in the final release of the PAL System. Some tough decision had to be made to have all the plans fit into the available time and resources…we are already doing the impossible and for the miracles we are working on  But in the end all persons were happy with the results.
The other two days were spend to discuss in more detail about what and how is really going to be implemented by whom. Which caused a lot of one-to-one and one-to-many discussion about formatting messages, techniques to be applied, more details etc. The kind of nerdy stuff are at the basis of our PAL System!
We ended up with everybody having an impressive to-do-list… But we are convinced the deadline set are realistic and we’ll promise you we’re working very hard to fulfill all the hints came out from the families and children in the last years.

Keep you updated!

The PAL developers HACKATHON @Lisonne, Italy